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The most important part of a train is the locomotive, and Tyco made some dandies - from the 0-4-0 shifter the the Spirit of 76 Diesel. Read about my Tyco locomotives here...

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Rolling Stock

If there was a weakness in Tyco's train line, it was the rolling stock. The detailing was great for what were basically toy trains, but some (most) of the paint schemes left a lot to be desired. If you want a decent freight car roster you're going to have to do some painting and decaling - which isn't a bad thing....

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What Tyco lacked in rolling stock they more than made up for with their building kits. In fact you can probably build an entire layout using ONLY Tyco structures. Many og the kits were also sold under AHM, Mantau, and Model Power brands so they're easy to find...

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My Layout

Tyco trains and certain layout designs just seem to go together - and the best layout for Tyco trains could be the Great Northern Pacific - the HO Railroad That Grows - so that's what I'm building to run my trains on. Click the button to read more about it...

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Not Tyco

Other HO scale trains that look great alongside Tyco trains were made by AHM, Athearn, and Model Die Casting. Follow the button the see my non-Tyco projects...

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Tyco Trains

My first train set was Tyco brown box set, and I made it all the way into high school thinking that Tyco and Athearn trains were only topped by brass imports and craftsman style kits. I still have most of the pieces from my brown box set - and my Athearn trains - to this day. For "real" model railroading I've moved on to more highly detailed models, but running Tyco trains is still a lot of fun - in fact, I'm building a new layout that will be entirely dedicated to Tyco and similar HO Scale toy trains. I hope you enjoy the site...

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